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Kalkhoff wins 2022 Bike Awards

The Bike Award was won by three dealer brands! The Kalkhoff Entice 5.B Advance+ was named e-bike of the year 2022 in the 'Sporty' category.

The Kalkhoff Entice 5B Advance+ was named Ebike of the Year 2022 in the Sporty category.

For the election of the 35th Bicycle Awards In 2022, only 35 bicycles were judged by the jury in total. Of these, 26 have the e-bike predicate and nine have the gravel tag. As manufacturers sent few city bikes, road bikes, MTBs and speed pedeles, they could not be judged and saw organizer Association RAI forced to abandon these categories. The fact that these bikes have not been submitted is a direct result of the small number of introductions to sport bikes (apart from gravel bikes), the wobbly supply chain, the fact that manufacturers put all their attention and energy into e- bike and that there are few demos available from the manufacturers.

Independent jury evaluates

The Bicycle Award election aims to show consumers what are the developments in the field of cycling and what novelties and intelligence have been created to attract the buying public. During the evaluation by the independent professional jury, the purpose of the bicycle and the extent to which the bicycle meets the needs of the specific user group are considered. The important evaluation criteria are: construction and finish, design and style, originality and innovation, safety, driving behavior/comfort, materials used, price/quality ratio. And last but not least, the 'x factor' also plays an important role in bike evaluation.

E-bikes of the year 2022

In the election of the E-bike of the Year 2022, the organization chose to divide the e-bikes into two categories: Sporty and Urban. In fact, we have an E-bike of the year twice this year.

Kalkhoff Entice 5.B Advance+

In the 'Sports' category, Kalkhoff Hotels Seduces 5.B Advance+ with the win. According to the jury, buyers with this e-bike get two bikes for the price of one: a complete e-bike for the paved roads, but also a capable off-roader for off-road travel. The jury is impressed with the setup: 12 gears in combination with the strong mid-range engine, MTB tires and the full suspension fork. The equipment makes the sportsman a true all-rounder. In addition to the Kalkhoff, the Turbo Vado 4.0 Specialized and the Stella Tierra Pro MDB FI competed for victory in this category.


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