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1 - Object

The present regulation aims to define the civil conditions and responsibilities of the client / tenant that celebrates with the taxpayer BICLARIA - Helena Maria da Conceição Palma Lamoso nº 208599657, with headquarters at Rua dos Combatentes da Grande Guerra, 81 - 3810-087 Aveiro, temporary contract with term lease and use of bicycles.

2 - General Provisions
Bicycles to rent to customers are the exclusive property of BICLARIA and are intended for leisure trips within the Municipalities of Aveiro, Ílhavo and Estarreja (30 km around our store).

3 - Terms and Conditions

a) The Client / renter agrees to assume responsibility for possible damage or loss of bicycle (s) and accessories during the rental period.

b) The customer / renter has the responsibility and obligation to respect the traffic rules.

c) When renting overnight, it is the customer's / renter's responsibility to park the bicycle in a safe place inside doors.


a) Security deposit or cash deposit is required by BICLARIA.

b) You must leave a photo ID.

c) All bicycles are rented with a padlock. - We will show you how to use the padlocks correctly during the rental process.

d) BICLARIA helmets will be dispensed whenever requested at no extra cost. - The use of a helmet is mandatory for users of electric bicycles and for all children under 12 years old.

4 - Rental Prices
The rental prices are those shown in the price list posted in a visible place in the BICLARIA store.

The prices indicated include the value of VAT at the prevailing rate. The rental price includes padlocks and helmets (optional).


5 - Insurance and Accidents
The rental of the bicycle does not imply any liability insurance or personal accident insurance on the part of BICLARIA.

The customer is always responsible for damage caused to the bicycle, to third parties and to himself.


6 - Malfunctions
In case of any type of damage to the rented equipment, due to the customer's fault, the customer must immediately notify BICLARIA and deliver the bicycle to the store, being charged by BICLARIA, the amount corresponding to the calculated period of equipment shutdown.

In the event of any type of damage to the rented equipment, without the fault of the customer, the customer must immediately notify the BICLARIA and deliver the bicycle to the store, which will be replaced by a similar one.


7 - Theft, Loss and Damage
The rental price does not include insurance against theft or total or partial losses of the bicycle (or other damages), or damage occurred (as well as in your equipment, mechanics or personal objects transported in the vehicle), under any circumstances, either by vandalism or by traffic accident.

For other risks (theft, loss, damage to the vehicle) there is a liability amount to be paid by the customer / lessee in the amount of:
Urban Bike - 650.00€ VAT included
Trekking Bike - 850.00€ VAT included
Mountain Bike
27,5 - 600.00€ VAT included

Mountain Bike 29 - 1199.00€ VAT included
E-Bike - 3.300.00€ VAT included

Loss or damage of accessories (keys, helmet, etc.) are not covered by the liability amount and will be charged according to the general price list.


8 - Damaged Parts
In case of partial damage or loss of accessories, the customer is subject to the payment to BICLARIA of the amount corresponding to the repair and replacement of the damaged parts according to the table in force at the date of the occurrence.

General Price List:

Pedals - € 25.00

Tire - 30,00 €

Inner tube - € 15.00

Change cable - € 15.00

Rear wheel - € 95.00

Front wheel - € 65.00

Fenders - 95,00 €

Cuffs - € 35.00

Brake cable - € 15.00

Seat Post - 25,00 €

Seat post grip - 17,50 €

Saddle - € 50.00

Frame - 350,00 €

Brake shoe set - € 25.00

Fork - 75,00 €

Handlebar - € 30.00

Brake lever - 15,00 €

V brake - 25,00 €

Chain - 20,00 €

Chain guard - € 75.00

Pedal wheel - 35,00 €

Padlock - € 40.00

Basket - 45,00 €

Headlight - € 25.00

Rear Light - 20,00 €

Doorbell - € 15.00

9 - Omissions
For cases not covered by this regulation, the parties will be governed by the law in force.

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