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Major Bicycle Industry Parties Launch Climate Commitment

In collaboration with a group of engaged CEOs from companies such as Specialized, BMC, Dorel, Selle Royal and Schwalbe, Shift Cycling Culture initiated a climate commitment. Although the use of bicycles and e-bikes is considered a crucial role in climate change, it is known that their production cannot be considered sustainable.

"The way the bike industry makes and sells products also contributes to the problem," he writes. Shift Cycling Culture in a statement. All companies active in the bicycle industry are invited by Shift Cycling Culture to join the Climate Commitment.


Brought together by Shift Cycling Culture, a global climate movement with a mission to drive systemic change in the bike industry and the wider community, a number of CEOs from across the bike industry came together to invite colleagues to recognize their role in tackling climate change. .

Signatories to the Climate Commitment are the CEOs of Assos, BMC, Brompton, CyclingTips, Dorel Sports Group, Internetstores Holding, Haro Bikes/Kenda Tires, Rapha, Riese & Müller, Rose Bikes, Schwalbe, Selle Royal Group, Specialized and Vittoria.

The collective bicycle industry can play a role

According to Shift Cycling Culture, the goals of the UN Paris Agreement can only be met in the bicycle industry if the entire supply chain is involved. Most of the environmental impact of bicycle products comes from production; 50 to 80% of CO2 emissions occur in the extraction and production of materials and components. Emissions from the production, use and disposal of bicycles and clothing can only be reduced if companies come together. With the letter, the founding signatories invite all colleagues in the bicycle industry to participate, sign and actively participate in the contents of this letter. The complete letter is here to find.

About Shift Cycling Culture

Shift Cycling Culture is a global non-profit movement for and by cyclists that operates with the support and involvement of the cycling industry. The Shift Cycling Culture team believes that a transition to a more sustainable future for cycling can only be achieved from within. Shift Cycling Culture aims to create awareness, spark conversation and support positive environmental action to help achieve change. To that end, they launch campaigns, organize events and set up pilot projects to inspire brands and the cycling community to do things differently, with more care and less impact on the environment.

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