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E-bike ABS brakes from MAGURA 2023

The new components for the 2nd generation of the Bosch eBike ABS are a highlight in the MAGURA 2023 portfolio. Together, the components from both manufacturers form a high-precision system that allows controlled and precise braking and provides the user with the best possible support in corresponding situations. This creates the conditions for users to be able to ride their bikes faster and at the same time more safely. Here is all the information about MAGURA brake components.

Even the requirements for braking systems for e-bikes are much higher than for conventional bicycles. Of course, the higher weight of the pedelec plays a role here, but also the fact that higher speeds can be reached more easily. Braking processes that are carried out on unpaved roads or in wet conditions often represent particularly dangerous situations that must be avoided.

This is where the latest generation of the Bosch eBike ABS comes into play, which is based on the brake components specially designed by MAGURA for this purpose. The Magura MT C ABS brake represents more than the next evolutionary step of the first generation, it was developed from scratch.

While the low oil delivery volume was a point of criticism in the first generation, the MT C ABS master cylinder now has a larger oil delivery volume, which then allows the brake pressure to be regulated by the ABS control unit.

In contrast to the well-known MT brake levers, the associated MT C ABS brake lever has a master piston with a diameter of 12 mm instead of 10 mm and can thus provide the larger oil delivery volume better.

Because a larger piston normally also requires higher actuation forces, the brake specialist has developed new lever kinematics in the axial sensor, which solves this problem for the MT C ABS family. This should reduce the manual forces, achieve a short lever travel and also achieve an easily controllable braking performance. As is typical for MAGURA, the brake levers can be easily changed, with 2-finger or 3-finger brake levers being available.

To ensure the necessary rigidity and braking power, only one-piece and forged two- or four-piston brake calipers are used.

These are already known from the award-winning MAGURA MT and should also ensure the best deceleration values ​​and good heat dissipation here, so that e-bikes can also be safely braked at high speeds and with high loads.

When it comes to brake discs, MAGURA relies on the MDR-C (180 mm / 203 mm) and MDR-P (180 mm / 203 mm / 220 mm) models specially developed for e-bikes, which are combined with the sensor discs required for the ABS.

In this way, the speed difference between the front and rear wheels can be precisely recorded and critical locking of the front wheel or lifting of the rear wheel can be recognized as such. The sensors are unobtrusively integrated into the MAGURA adapter or mounted on the fork or frame.

MAGAURA has also made provision for any maintenance or service required and installed the Easy Link plug-in connections known from the MAGURA Cockpit Integration (MCi) on the ABS control unit.

The brake handle or the brake caliper can be separated and dismantled very easily, as the Swabians say.

From summer 2022, the system will be available as an option for many e-bikes from various manufacturers. However, retrofitting the MAGURA MT C ABS components to an existing e-bike is not possible.

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